Hangende schalen van metaal, set van 2, Ø 36 cm + Ø 43 cm, bruin


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Brighten up your garden, balcony or terrace with this stylish set of 2 Roma metal hanging plates. The hanging plates impress with their rustic design and are versatile. With a diameter of 36 cm and 43 cm, they offer enough space for your favorite flowers or plants.
The brown color gives the hanging plates a natural look and blends harmoniously into any environment. Use the plates as decorative elements or as hanging baskets to skillfully showcase your green favorites.
The high-quality metal ensures stability and longevity of the hanging plates, so you will enjoy this decorative set for a long time. Bring a charming touch to your outdoor area with the Roma metal hanging plates and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that these stylish accessories create.
Treat yourself to this practical and aesthetic set and let your outdoor area shine in new splendor!